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Plastic no Kuchibiru
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    30 Jul 2014

    math doesnt even exist and that’s what always fucked me up with it like it’s NOT EVEN REAL it’s just LAWS AND CONCEPTS math doesnt EXIST it’s all just THEORIES and WE BASE OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE AROUND IT math equations dont fuckin happen anymore in our dimension we cant see math we cant hold math we cant hear it its just SO FUCKED UP

    29 Jul 2014

    every time i play Kingdom Hearts, I think “the whole gummi ship thing cant possibly be as enjoyable as it was when i was eight-years-old so im just gonna completely ignore it for as long as i can” and then i get to the point where i cant just use the default ship any more so i have to make my own and it’s………it’s just as enjoyable as it was when i was eight-years-old………

    27 Jul 2014

    Vic Mignogna has this really specific “uniform” or “costume” that i associate with him it’s like

    • Tight t-shirt
    • distressed jeans
    • a lot of huge bracelets / leather spiked wristbands
    • unobjectionable shoes
    4 days ago

    Sebastian the crab is without peer and unequivocally The Best Character in the entire Disney canon

    26 Jul 2014
    Ijiwaru na Hello
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    5 days ago

    I feel like attending public court sessions could be a really nice hobby

    5 days ago

    Just found out that Chris-chan lost his iconic striped polo shirt when his house burned to the ground & frankly i am heartbroken.

    5 days ago

    Space Jam would be a pretty good name for a pet…………

    25 Jul 2014
    but then you get to run around as a little buddy sock monster

    i made that post as a joke having completely forgotten that Sora actually does kill himself

    6 days ago