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Scanty Skimpy
  • ARTIST: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  • album: Family Party
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    15 Apr 2014


    1. New Year’s Eve
    2. 4/20
    3. Black Friday
    2 days ago

    Life would be SO MUCH MORE COMPLICATED if I didnt live in a time where I could so easily check to see if noteworthy people are dead or alive

    2 days ago

    i enjoy listening to Family Party and think it’s one of the strongest instrumentals Nakata’s produced for a while but i cant convince myself to actually care about it because i get the exact same feelings from Family Party as I do listening to every other Kyary song. they’re all starting to become homogeneous to me & it’s just a blur of extremely rapid releases that all make me feel the same way and have very little to distinguish themselves at this point.

    14 Apr 2014

    Fandom in-jokes are literally the exact same thing as internet memes and the amount of people who hate the latter but openly adore the former & fail to realize they’re the same thing is awe-inspiring

    13 Apr 2014

    i live like 45 minutes away from GMCFosho and Nyanners

    12 Apr 2014
    Suki! Suki! Skip!
  • album: Suki! Suki! Skip!
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    this song’s garbage but check out that pre-chorus though

    11 Apr 2014

    i wonder how phil fish is doing

    09 Apr 2014

    the-sunflower-samurai replied to your post: crossin my fingers that i can get it o…

    They never go with grey crusty beard dudes for love interests, alas. It would be nice to climb that mountain.

    there’s a tiny little sliver of hope in the corner of my heart only because they’ve been doing the same general Betty/Veronica spiel as far as LIs for so long that they just may surprise us this time. like tbh i will be kinda disappointed if yet again for a third time we’re presented with “initially unoffensive blonde white guy with a plot-relevant secret” and “kinda exotic-looking guy with commitment issues” for the male LIs.

    grey warden bara dude isn’t on my shortlist or anything but idk. it’d be such a pleasant surprise and it makes a lot of sense to me so im probably convincing myself that it’s much more likely than it is.

    1 week ago

    crossin my fingers that i can get it on w/ that grey warden bara dude in DA:I

    1 week ago

    i’d definitely take a bullet for Shaquille O’Neal

    1 week ago

    the-sunflower-samurai replied to your post: i cut my bangs really high on a whim b…

    It’s like you’re melting under a nuclear sunrise.

    incidentally ‘melting under a nuclear sunrise’ is the EXACT look im goin for this spring

    08 Apr 2014
    The Heinrich Maneuver
  • ARTIST: Interpol
  • album: Our Love To Admire
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    oh god dude i havent listened to this album in yyeeaarrss :,)

    1 week ago

    i cut my bangs really high on a whim before remembering that doing so would mean i’d actually have to make sure my eyebrows are even from now on

    1 week ago

    "i can’t find any POC face claims so everyone in my RP is fated to be a pretty white person! sorry, guys!"

    07 Apr 2014