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AKB48 Group Pennant Race

24 Apr 2014

How many people do you think are out there on tumblr dot com who truly believe that learning a foreign language is cultural appropriation

23 Apr 2014
Get Out
  • ARTIST: Ayaka Ikio
  • album: GOSSIP
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    2009 was so exciting

    21 hours ago

    "ps3 has no games" was the greatest internet meme of all time

    1 day ago

    i’ve cried more than once over grindcore goat’s death

    1 day ago

    not having a dad kinda sucked for the most part but at least i get to joke about not having a dad

    21 Apr 2014

    when i saw kyary last month, she sang Sungoi Aura which nobody fucking recognized b/c it’s “”“”just”“”” a b-side and like everyone started going to the bathroom and shit since they didnt care about the song EVEN THOUGH IT’S PRETTY DARN GOOD and the same fate is inevitably going to befall Scanty Skimpy and that breaks my heart

    19 Apr 2014

    LSD definitely deserves more recognition than it gets

    18 Apr 2014
  • ARTIST: Dempagumi.inc
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    dempagumi.inc is the future

    6 days ago
    Scanty Skimpy
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    15 Apr 2014


    1. New Year’s Eve
    2. 4/20
    3. Black Friday
    1 week ago

    Life would be SO MUCH MORE COMPLICATED if I didnt live in a time where I could so easily check to see if noteworthy people are dead or alive

    1 week ago

    i enjoy listening to Family Party and think it’s one of the strongest instrumentals Nakata’s produced for a while but i cant convince myself to actually care about it because i get the exact same feelings from Family Party as I do listening to every other Kyary song. they’re all starting to become homogeneous to me & it’s just a blur of extremely rapid releases that all make me feel the same way and have very little to distinguish themselves at this point.

    14 Apr 2014

    Fandom in-jokes are literally the exact same thing as internet memes and the amount of people who hate the latter but openly adore the former & fail to realize they’re the same thing is awe-inspiring

    13 Apr 2014

    i live like 45 minutes away from GMCFosho and Nyanners

    12 Apr 2014